We strive to provide excellent customer service to ensure your satisfaction throughout the project life. Our goal is to create a free flowing system that fits your needs and more importantly fits your budget.

Ztech will carry out all aspects of your automation and security project. We will work with you to find out your specific needs and once we have our outline for the project, we will begin working on setting up your home/workplace. Our services are 100% customizable and we will cater to all your needs. We can install the products whether the house is complete or under construction and have extensive experience working with our client’s architects and interior designers. We start the process with a free in-home consultation where we will learn what you want for your home or business and this will allow us to offer our analysis on what systems will best meet your requirements. We will be able to discuss a wide range of options and budgets to make sure you are happy with the offering.

Once we have agreed on the scope of works, our skilled technicians will start their work on the project. Our technicians will be available for contact throughout the project life and ensure that each project is managed carefully to be finished on time. Once everything is installed, we will review the system with you to make sure you have full control of your newly installed system and can best utilize the products.

Our products are covered by manufacturer’s warranty for one year however we can also provide a range of comprehensive warranties and planned maintenance schemes.

Home Control Systems

  • ·         Control air conditioning and adjust the climate control when you are arriving or departing from a trip
  • ·         Control variance appliances such as fans, water heaters, lights, coffee machines

Home Security

  • ·         Ensure the safety of children and elderly with camera systems with feeds accessible from mobile phone
  • ·         Enjoy keyless entry to your door or house gate
  • ·         Security Sensor installations
  • ·         Alarm Installations

Home Media

  • ·         Install media servers that will let you share audio, and video in all the rooms in the house
  • ·         Providing all around entertainment systems for the house where all media in each room can be controlled by mobile phone
  • ·         Install cabling and systems to allow for full interent and WFI use in the house allowing full connectivity to your online media and social platforms

General Media and Products

  • ·         Provide and install equipment and gadgets ranging from Smart Phones, Gaming Consoles (PS4, etc), LED Screens to Virtual Glasses